What is Ryokan?

  • Ryokan is a traditional Japanese-style of accommodation. Unlike modern hotels, ryokan do not intend to provide with the state-of-the-art technology or latest modern conveniences. Rather, the special atmosphere felt in every room, the spotless hospitality of the employees and their location in the heart of nature itself aim to set your mind at ease by offering the experience of the pure Japanese culture to guests. Enjoy your stay in a beautifully laid-out decoration room covered by tatami and try on a yukata(a lighter, casual version of kimono). Relax in a hot spring and taste the unique flavor of the local cuisine or the wholehearted devotion for pleasing their guests which will undoubtedly immerse you in an unbelievably memorable experience.

How to stay in Ryokan


    • Person in charge will guide each guest(s) to their room(s).
    • The ryokan front desk will be closed after check-in time around 15:00.
    • Room reservation will be kept until 18:00. For delay arrival or any changes, ryokan must be notified in advance to determine the time to serve dinner. Normally dinner will be served at around 18:00-19:00.


    • Manners
    • Shoes and slippers are not allowed to wear in your room.
    • Dragging luggage on tatami floor should be avoided.
    • Alcove(Tokonoma) is not the place to relax nor to store baggage. Alcove is a space to decorate the room by flower arrangements or by art-objects to entertain guests.

    • How to spend time
    • Guests are recommended to wear yukata(a lighter, casual version of kimono) inside the building, and when going to bed. You may also wear yukata to walk around hot spring resort.
    • On a chilly day, it is recommended to wear haori(half-length Japanese coat)
    • Tea and teacakes in the room are free of charge. Be aware that alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are to be charged in most cases.


    • Each ryokan provides unique bathtub structures, different ingredient of hot spring, various effects to your body, and various atmospheres for enjoyment and relaxation.
    • Some ryokan offers rooms with a private bath.
      *Please be aware of the following general instructions to enjoy fully the Onsen, a traditional Japanese culture.
    • Persons who have any tattoos are not allowed to use general baths.
    • Refrain from eating or drinking in the general baths.
    • Refrain from wearing underwear or swimsuit.
    • Refrain from putting soap or towel in the bathtubs.
    • Wash away your body before taking a bath.

4.Dining(Dinner and breakfast is included in lodging fee)

    • Dinner
    • Kaiseki ryori(traditional Japanese cuisine) will be served either at a dining hall or in guest’s room at guest’s choice. About 10 different dishes would be served including Sashimi(raw fish), Tempura(deep-fried vegetables and seafood dipped in batter),
    • Breakfast
    • Served either at a dining hall or in guest’s room at guest’s choice.
      *Ryokan with an icon indication will accept any requests on dining, i.e. change to western dishes, special meals such as vegetarian, etc..


    • Person in charge will prepare for sleep by spread bedding( Japanese futon).
    • Some ryokan will accept to change pillows.


    • Check-out time in most cases is before noon, usually 10:00 to 11:00.