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Located by the natural forest of Momijidani Park on the Island of Miyajima, Iwaso enjoys providing the natural environment to the guests, the murmuring of a creek throughout the year, the fresh verdure of maple in spring, the refreshing shady nook in summer, and the glamorous colored leaves in autumn. Long traditional Iwaso was established in 1892, and is well-known that Soseki Natsume, one of the most famous Japanese writer has once stayed at.

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Address:Momijidani, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaishi-shi, Hiroshima, 739-0522, Japan
Check-In 15:00 Check-Out 10:00

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JPY 26,600 - JPY 34,400(Twin per Person)

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Address:Momijidani, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaishi-shi, Hiroshima, 739-0522, Japan
15 min. walk from Miyajima Port St. of JR Miyajima Koro.

3 minutes walk to Itsukushima Shrine. 0 minute walk to Momijidani park.
15 minutes walk to Miyajima port. Ideal location for sightseeing.


  • History of Iwaso
    Iwakuniya Sobei, the founder of 'Iwaso' Inn in Miyajima who observed the busy market for a month before and after Kangensai (the Orchestra Festival held on June 17 by the lunar calendar) and requested permission to open up Momijidani (presently Momijidani Park) from the local magistrate's office. Permission was granted and he proceeded to build a bridge across the Momiji River and teahouses serving refreshments for visitors resting along the river.
    Thus, Iwaso was founded.
    Iwaso is an abbreviation of Iwakuniya Sobei.After the foundation of the inn, it became popular with many visitors and it was rebuilt as a modern Japanese style hotel just after the Meiji era(1868-1912). Since then, many visitors have come to love the relaxing atmosphere of Miyajima.


  • rare hot spring on Miyajima island Birth of Wakamiya hot spring
    Iwaso were partially using the well water from 1885.
    Our land lady 2 generations back used to say, "Water here makes my skin smooth'.
    Iwaso thought 'it might happen to be' and our investigation ended up finding the source of simple weak radioactive cold mineral spring from only 5 meters deep.
    It was named 'Wakamiya hot spring' because the source area was called 'Wakamiyagahara'.

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