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Yumotokan Gesshintei

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Enjoy visiting 4 different types of bath including an open-air bath, "Gesshin-no-yu", on the top 11th floor where you can get full view of the Lake Biwa . Omi beef, one of the three major Japanese beef brands, is served for dinner in Kyoto style kaiseki cuisine. Gesshintei rooms with a cypress bath attached are on the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors where full view of the Lake Biwa is beautiful. An informal cotton kimono, colorful yukata, can be rented upon request, a good way to feel and enjoy Japanese culture.

Basic Informatin

Yumotokan Gesshintei

Address:2-30-7, Noka, Otsu-shi, Shiga, 520-0102, Japan
Check-In 15:00 Check-Out 10:00

Average Price

JPY 15,500 - JPY 25,000(Twin per Person)

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Yumotokan Gesshintei

Address:2-30-7, Noka, Otsu-shi, Shiga, 520-0102, Japan
Local Train
JR Kyoto station - Ogoto-onsen station by JR Kosei Line (about 20 minutes)
-If you give us a call (077-579-1111), we will be happy to pick you up in 5 minutes from the station.
-Please wait for us in front of a taxi stand at the Ogoto-onsen station.
-It takes 5 minutes (about 1.5 km) from Ogoto-onsen station to Yumotokan.


  • Open-air Bath on Top of Building -Great view in open atmosphere-
    This hot spring bath is where you can feel the change of four seasons with your all five senses.
    It must be a blissful moment to think of nothing and just look at the moon.

    * "Gesshin-no-Yu" and "Togenshoyo" are switched daily for male or female guests.
    * You can also enjoy an open-air bath made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) or a foot bath.


  • Luxury in food is to have seasonal delicacies at their most delicious
    We carefully select seasonal ingredients to serve our guests.
    Through our food, you can feel and enjoy the change of the seasons.
    They are a delight for the eyes, plate, and heart.


  • Room with Magnificent View
    You can enjoy the Ogoto great hot spring whenever you want in the private semi open-air bath (limited to three groups per day).

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