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Gora Kadan

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Hakone is one of the representative health resorts in Japan. Above all, Gora, over a period between Taisho and Showa, is commonly known as the place where many of the upper classes including royalties and financial combines built another house.
Gorakadan stands quietly in the 33,000 square-meter land inherited from Kaninnomiya family. Hotel offers hot sulfate spring water that wells up from three spring sources, two of which are in the premises, which will heal your body.
In addition to the main kitchen, Gorakadan facilitates kitchen at each floor in order to serve dishes fresh from the oven for guest-room dining. Guests will enjoy Kaiseki cuisine, traditional Japanese cooking, using various ingredients carefully selected seasonally from all over Japan, and fresh seafood from Suruga Bay or Sagami Bay, served with heartwarming Japanese hospitality.
Let yourself exposed to the charms of Gorakadan such as the beautiful public space which would give people a feeling of release, a heated swimming pool with a Jacuzzi attached available throughout the year, and Kadan Spa with a Japan-like atmosphere where various treatments are offered, playing healing music throughout the open hours.

Basic Informatin

Gora Kadan

Address:1300, Gora, Hakobne-Machi, Ashigarashimogun, Kanagawa Japan
Check-In 15:00 Check-Out 11:00

Average Price

JPY61,500 - JPY77,700(twin per person)

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Gora Kadan

Address:1300, Gora, Hakobne-Machi, Ashigarashimogun, Kanagawa Japan
>>For guests coming by car

- Tokyo -> (Tomei Expressway/30min.) -> Atsugi I.C. -> (Odawara Atsugi Road/30min.) -> Odawara West I.C. ->(Highway #1/25min.) -> GORA
- Nagoya -> (Tomei Expressway/2hrs.) -> Gotenba Interchange -> via Otome Rd. / Highway #138/30min.) -> GORA

>>For guests traveling by train

-Tokyo or Kansai ->(Shinkansen from Tokyo/41min. or From Shin-Osaka/2hrs 30min.) Odawara -> (Odakyu Line/15min.) -> Hakone Yumoto -> (20min. by Taxi) -> GORA

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